Communications of the Council

The Council has a communication and advocacy plan (in Finnish).

Key principles of the Council's communications include:

  • An open and interactive approach

The Council listens to the views of its stakeholders. The Council communicates about its activities on its home page. The Council’s operating principles and processes are described on its public website. The Council’s recommendations and their justifications are public. They are presented on the Council’s website in a format that is easily understandable for service users. The background information, preparation processes and justifications of the Council’s recommendations are described on the home page in a manner that is easy to understand.

  • Based on reliable and independent information

Background reports (including systematic literature reviews and expert statements) required for preparing the recommendations are requested from independent and reliable parties whose operating principles and processes are described openly.

  • Fast and up to date

The Council communicates about its activities in real time. If necessary, the Council reacts rapidly to topics related to the service choices that come up in the media.

  • Comprehensible, clear and fair

Issues are explained in a clear and comprehensible language. The documents on the home page are accessible to all. Different stakeholders are treated fairly, and the communication is targeted at everyone equally.

  • Multiple channels

The key communication channel of the Council is its home page. In addition, all those who are interested can subscribe to the Council’s electronic newsletter. The Council also communicates by organising seminars and stakeholder meetings. The stakeholders pass on the Council's messages through their own communication channels.

The Council’s key stakeholders (partners) include:

  • patients, patients’ families, patient organisations, health service users
  • healthcare professionals
  • healthcare sector policy-makers
  • health service organisers
  • health service providers
  • professional associations and lobbying organisations in the healthcare sector

The Council’s communication channels include:

  • Online communication
    • Home page:
  • Open seminars organised by the Council
  • Stakeholder meetings organised by the Council
  • The Council's participation in events organised by stakeholders