Significance of the health service range for patients

For patients, the service choices mean that their illnesses are examined, treated and prevented and that they are rehabilitated using safe and effective methods.

A common range of services across the country means that uniform public health services are offered to all patients in different parts of the country. The service choices thus promote patient equality.

The range of services financed from public funds is determined at a general level. An exception may be made to it in case of an individual patient to treat an illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life or health.

The preconditions for delivering treatment are assessed individually for each patient. A patient’s other illnesses or personal circumstances may make delivering the treatment impossible. Under the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients, a patient must be cared for in mutual understanding with him or her.

When a person living in Finland uses the health services of another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland, he or she is reimbursed following the same principles as in the Finnish healthcare system. Reimbursement is only granted for services that are included in the range of public health services in Finland.