About Service Choices in Healthcare in Briefly


Healthcare service choices in Finland

Service choices in healthcare refer to the range of healthcare services financed from public funds. 

The healthcare service choices include:

  • prevention of diseases

  • examinations for the diagnosis of a disease

  • treatment

  • rehabilitation

The service choices apply to public healthcare, to private healthcare subject to reimbursement from the Social Insurance Institution (KELA), and to situations where the patient uses healthcare services in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland.

The service choices do not take a position on:

  • where or who provides healthcare services.
  • examinations or treatment of individual patients.
  • the level of client fees for healthcare.
  • waiting times.
  • health insurance reimbursements for medicines.

What significance do the service choices have for the patient?

The methods included in the service choices are effective and safe. 

The service choices are the same for everyone irrespective of their place of residence.

If a person living in Finland uses healthcare services in another EU or EEA country or Switzerland, they will be compensated for the examinations and treatments included in the healthcare service choices in Finland.