Handling process of statements to authorities

In addition to issuing recommendations, the Council has a duty to give statements upon request of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) or other authorities. The requests must be replied if the matter concerned falls within the authority of COHERE.

When handling statement requests, COHERE follows the process for handling recommendations where applicable.  Deviations from the recommendation process depend on the subject matter of the request. For example, if a request by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland or an administrative court deals with an individual person's right to cross-border healthcare, a statement from a specialist in clinical medicine may be needed instead of a literature review. In such a case there would be no public comment round.

If COHERE considers that there is need for a recommendation with regard to the subject matter of the request, the Council may start to prepare a recommendation instead of a statement or in addition to the statement requested. When necessary, the matter will be discussed with the party requesting a statement.